Mom-Approved Sunscreen: Play More, Worry Less

Many companies are claiming to be natural and clean while hiding ingredients in the inactive list such as endocrine disruptors.


Natural & Water-Resistant

It is water-resistant, fragrance free but has a gentle sweet smell from natural ingredients your kids will find irresistible.


Ghost-Face Free

And the extra magic is we gave it a universal TINT using natural pigment, just enough, so it blends PERFECTLY with your kid's skin. Now there is truly an INVISIBLE mineral sunscreen for kids!



Breelyn Vanleeuwen MSPA, PA-C

As a Mom of 4, a medical provider and professor studying skin cancer awareness, Bree found a major gap in the sunscreen world. It all started when her 1-year-old daughter had a terrible allergic reaction to checmical sunscreen. What she found was a need for safer, Daily sunscreen protection in kids, rain, sun, or shine. But, there was not a product on the market that was specifically designed for daily wear for kids. She set out to create one and Daily Shade was born.